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Dedicated web applications

For over 10 years we deliver our clients individual IT solutions as best as we can. If you want to outsource professional services for software development you just found right place. We will be very happy if you decide to contact us.

SaaS model applications

We have even few our own SaaS services that we want to be fast and highly available for customers so we know exactly what is important for your clients.

Performance optimizations

We are pushing all our projects to performance limits because we know that users don't want to wait! We would like to help you achieve fastest solutions for your customers.

Some of our clients

Technologies we use

HTML5 Bootstrap Web Starter Kit CSS3 Less Sass AngularJS jQuery jQuery UI Modernizr
PHP Symfony2 Silex Python Django Flask Ruby Ruby on Rails Sinatra iOS Android
MySQL PostgreSQL MongoDB Redis Parse Apache Solr Sphinx Elasticsearch
Amazon Web Services Rackspace Cloud Heroku OpenShift Google App Engine Travis CI GitHub Bitbucket